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Best Craft Heat Gun Reviews

Inveterate handicraftsmen know that many DIY projects can be completed fast and efficiently with the help of a heat gun. However, since there are dozens of options on the market, selecting the right tool of excellent quality will become a challenge. In this review, I will tell you how to choose the best heat gun for crafts that will satisfy all your criteria.

A heat gun for crafting is a multi-functional tool that may resemble a hairdryer, but in fact, it possesses many unique features for different kinds of activities. It is recommended to pick up an ergonomic item of a compact size with a comfortable design that is safe to apply. The small heat gun will sit comfortably in your hand and won’t exhaust it during prolonged work. Ideally, the best craft heat gun should be equipped with a variable temperature control mechanism so that you can adjust the temperature for each project.

Our pick
Best heat gun for crafts
Seekone heat gun has a scientific ergonomic design handle can prevent repetitive strain injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders.
Name Watts Low heat setting High heat setting Review
SEEKONE SDL-2816 best overall 1800W 50℃ / 122°F 650℃ / 1202°F Review
Wagner HT400 also a great choice 170W / 350W 230℃ / 450°F 360℃ / 680°F Review
PORTER CABLE PC1500HG 1500W 41℃ / 105°F 585℃ / 1085°F Review

Best heat gun for crafts review

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SEEKONE SDL-2816 – best overall

In this SEEKONE SDL-2816 review, you will get familiar with a versatile heat gun that would immensely simplify your household and arty-crafty projects.


Features and specs

The SEEKONE SDL-2816 heat gun is a great device best known for its variable temp control feature. You can use the switch to set the desired airflow temperature from 122°F (50°C) to 1202°F (650°C). Thanks to this, you can use this device for a wide range of projects, including paint removal, heating PVC, shrinking heat shrink tube or wrap, repairing electronics, loosening rusted bolts, and other handmade, household, or repair purposes. There are two modes that define the blast capacity: 122-842°F (50-450℃), 190-210L/min, and 122-1202°F (50-650℃), 250-500L/min.

The output power of this heat gun is 1800W, providing quick heat up. The overload protector feature makes your heat gun safer and more reliable.

This is a corded model, so it may involve that you should adjust the position and orientation of the heat gun to balance it while in use, especially when putting it on a table or floor.

Design and materials

The SEEKONE SDL-2816 device is all made of plastic with the exception of a hot air nozzle (it's made of metal). The cord is heavy-duty and is approximately 56 inches long. It has a loop to hang the gun on the hook. The weight of the heat gun is 1.984lb (0.9kg) and can be held easily.

SEEKONE SDL-2816 photo


This heat gun comes with four accessories - a reflector, deflector, and two concentration nozzles that modify the airflow. There is also an included user manual to give you hints on how to safely use this tool.


The SEEKONE variable temperature heat gun with four different nozzles offers a wide range of temperatures and various airflow styles, making it applicable for literally any project. It's powerful and not too heavy, making it easy to use.

Key specs

  • Watts: 1800W.
  • Low heat setting: 50℃ / 122°F.
  • High heat setting: 650℃ / 1202℉.
  • Cord length: 160 cm / 5.2 ft.
  • Weight: 0.9 kg / 1.98 lbs.

Wagner HT400 – also a great choice

Wagner HT400 is a compact multipurpose heat gun produced by Wagner Spraytech - a company with a long history and good reputation. In this Wagner HT400 review, we will analyze the key characteristics of the tool.

Wagner HT400

Features and specs

The manufacturer of this heat gun claims that the product can be used for home, workshop, craft, and hobby projects. Such versatility is achieved owing to the dual temperature settings with the low 450°F and high 680°F options. Thus, the low-temperature setting is perfect for embossing cards and other crafting projects, while the high-temperature option is ideal for shrinking electrical tubes or strip paint. The maximum wattage on a high setting is 350 Watts.

One of the product's peculiarities is its angled shape that offers 3 different operating positions. The pencil grip gives you better control and precision for detailed projects. The palm grip is ideal for heavy-duty tasks. The installed, retractable stand turns out to be helpful for hands-free operation.

The heat gun comes with a six-foot cable that gives you enough space to comfortably operate the tool. The voltage of the plug is 110V.

Design and materials

Wagner HT400 photo

One of the advantages of this heat gun is its compact size and light weight of 0.9 lbs.

Owing to the angled design of the product, this tool can be used to reach hardly accessible areas, unlike heat guns with standard design. You will appreciate cool-touch sidebars whenever you use the pencil grip for your projects.


The Wagner HT400 heat gun does not include any additional nozzles and does not come with a kit for safekeeping and transportation.


In personal use, the Wagner HT400 leaves an impression of a real high-quality tool. Thanks to its unique design, compact size, and hands-free feature, this heat gun will become one of your favorite tools that you will use for versatile purposes. The various grip options make this model adapt to any task at hand, providing an incredibly versatile crafting tool. But keep in mind that this product is unsuitable for large areas.

Key specs

  • Watts settings: 170-350.
  • Temperature settings: 450-680°F/230-360°C.
  • Cord length, ft/cm: 6/183.
  • Weight, lbs/kg: 0.7/0.32.

DEWALT DCE530P1 – cordless model

DEWALT DCE530P1 is a high-quality cordless heat gun designed for diverse applications. In this DEWALT DCE530P1 review we want to analyze some functions and characteristics of the tool.


Features and specs

In case you need to strip paint, bend the plastic, solder pipes, or shrink PVC, the DEWALT heat gun will cope with the above-mentioned tasks effortlessly. In addition, the tool is ideal for welding, drying, and thawing purposes owing to its dual temperature settings.

You can choose between a low 500° F and a high 990° F temperature setting depending on your needs. The product heats up within seconds, but the maximum output temperature is reached only after 340 seconds. The manufacturer promises up to 42 minutes of runtime per charge using the tool on low-temperature settings; in case you work on high-temperature settings, the battery will die in 17 minutes of permanent application.

Owing to the 3-LED fuel gauge system you will be aware of the battery level. Handsfree manual operation is possible due to a lock-off trigger and lock-on button.

Design and materials

This heat gun is considered to be small and compact for a cordless tool. It weighs only 1.17 pounds without a battery and can be used in those hard-to-reach areas, where you have limited access to a plug. The non-slip rubber handle of the product provides enhanced grip.

DEWALT DCE530P1 photo


The cordless heat gun DCE530P1 includes 2 nozzle attachments - a flat nozzle and a hook nozzle for versatile application needs. You can purchase a powerful 3.0Ah or 5.0Ahl lithium-ion battery and a charger. The item does not include any special case or kit for safekeeping and transportation.


To sum up, DEWALT cordless heat gun is a universal tool for a huge variety of projects that should be done both indoors and outdoors. Even though it is an expensive item, you will not regret spending your money on such a marvelous durable instrument.

Key specs

  • Voltage: 20V.
  • Battery Capacity: 3.0 Ah.
  • Max. output temperature: 532 °C/990 °F.
  • Airflow, CFM: 6.7.
  • Weight, lbs/kg: 3/1.3.


PORTER CABLE is a wired heat gun with a dual-fan speed selector. In this PORTER CABLE PC1500HG review, we will try to discover the key features and scope of the application of the tool.


Features and specs

If you need a heat gun that will be ideal for welding plastics, bending pipes, removing adhesive tiles, shrinking plastic tubing, removing paint, or melting plastic, PORTER CABLE will meet your expectations. Such versatility of the tool is achieved owing to a low (120°F to 900°F) and high (130°F to 1150°F) fan speed settings.

This 1500-watt tool is equipped with a variable temperature dial, so you can adjust the temperatures effortlessly. One of my favorite features is the integrated support stand that allows setting the gun with the hot end pointing up in order not to burn the table you are working at and proving hands-free application. Furthermore, the heat gun comes with a 6 ft. first-rate cord that provides improved flexibility during cold utilization.

Design and materials

The tool is compact and quite small as it weighs only 1 pound, so you will not experience any hand fatigue whenever you used the heat gun. This product comes with an integrated hanging hook for convenient storage.



There are no accessories included in the box, just a heat gun and a manual. A hard case for travel and storage, as well as several nozzle attachments, are sold separately.


All in all, PORTER CABLE heat gun is quite a cheap yet powerful and lightweight tool that is ideal for various DIY projects. It has a relatively soft output of air and can maintain a specific but consistent level of heat which makes it adaptable for different needs.

Key specs

  • Watts: 1500W.
  • Low heat setting: 41℃/105°F.
  • High heat setting: 585℃/1085°F.
  • Airflow, CFM: 19.
  • Cord length, ft/cm: 6/183.
  • Weight, lbs/kg: 1/0.45.


BLACK+DECKER HG1300 is a universal heat tool that comes in handy for various professional and amateur applications. In this BLACK+DECKER HG1300 review, we will discover the major characteristics of the product.


Features and specs

The 1350 watts heat gun features dual temperature settings for a large spectrum of projects, from thawing pipes to shrinking tubes, from loosening rusted nuts and bolts to stripping varnish and paint. You can effortlessly switch between 750°F and 1,000°F options using a special button on the handle.

You will undoubtedly appreciate a built-in stand that is needed for cooling down safety and convenience. In addition, you can enjoy hand-free application whenever you balance the heat gun on the stand and backside of the item. The cable is long enough to provide flexibility at the workplace. Furthermore, the ergonomic construction of the heat gun allows you to use it even in tight spaces.

Design and materials

According to the manufacturer, this heat gun is relatively lightweight and compact as it weighs only 1.63 pounds. It is necessary to mention that a 3-position side handle guarantees comfortable application thanks to a non-slip grip for enhanced control during the utilization of the item.



The BLACK+DECKER HG1300 heat gun does not include any additional nozzle applications and comes without a special kit.


To sum things up, the BLACK+DECKER tool will become one of your favorite instruments due to its versatility and durability. With the corded design, you will enjoy limitless runtime, and the compact size will reduce hand fatigue. You can also purchase a set of nozzles for this gun separately.

Key specs

  • Watts: 1350W.
  • Low heat setting: 399°C / 750°F.
  • High heat setting: 538°C / 1000°F.
  • Airflow, CFM: 12.
  • Cord length: 183 cm / 6 ft.
  • Weight: 0.45 kg / 1.63 lbs.

What is a craft heat gun used for?

Any crafting heat gun can be applied for versatile purposes, so one tool can complete a wide range of tasks. Thus, the item is ideal for wood burning, drying acrylic paint, removing stickers and labels, or softening clay. Furthermore, a heat gun comes in handy when making soap or forming foam.

Such a tool can be used for melting wax, creating wax figures, and making jewelry. In addition, a mini heat gun is ideal for powder embossing and allows the craft of amazing 3-D cards. Even decorating cookies is no longer a big deal with such a universal instrument.

Some heat guns can strip old paint and weld or bend plastics. In addition, they can be used for upholstering furniture or repairing leather and vinyl.

Craft heat gun buying guide

When shopping for a heat gun, there are some important factors to consider in order to find the perfect one for your needs.

One of the first things you should look at is the temperature range. Most heat guns range from 100 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, but some go as high as 1500 degrees. A lightweight and compact heat gun will be ideal if you use it for smaller projects. But a heavier one would be better suited if you plan on working with larger materials.

Another important factor to consider is the size and weight of the heat gun. If you’ll be using it for smaller projects, a lightweight and compact heat gun would be ideal. But if you plan on working with larger materials, a heavier-duty heat gun would be better suited.

Finally, take a look at the accessories that come with the heat gun. Some models come with nozzles for different applications, while others have a convenient storage case for accessories. This can be an important feature depending on the type of crafts you plan to work on.

When choosing a heat gun for your craft projects, it’s important to consider the temperature range, size and weight, and accessories that come with the tool. By doing so, you can find the best heat gun for crafting.


How hot is a heat gun for crafts?

A heat gun is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of crafting projects. The temperature of a heat gun depends on the model, but they typically range from around 100 degrees Fahrenheit to over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can you use a hair dryer as a heat gun for crafts?

No, a hair dryer cannot be used as a heat gun for crafts. While both devices blow hot air, hair dryers typically do not get as hot as heat guns. Additionally, heat guns usually have more airflow than hair dryers, which is necessary for some crafting tasks. Finally, most hair dryers are not designed for prolonged periods, so they may overheat if used for extended periods.

Can you use a regular heat gun for embossing?

Yes, you can. However, use a heat gun with adjustable temperature settings for better results. Start with the lowest setting and increase the heat until you achieve the desired results. Be sure to hold the heat gun a few inches away from the paper to avoid burning it.

How long does it take for a heat gun to heat up?

The time it takes for a heat gun to heat up varies depending on the model. Some heat guns have instant-on features that allow them to reach maximum temperature within seconds. Others may take a minute or two to reach the same temperature. Check the product specifications for your particular model to determine its heating time.

Can you use a heat gun on wood?

Yes, you can. Heat guns are often used to remove paint or varnish from wood surfaces. You can also use them to bend or shape wood, as well as dry out wet or damp wood. When using a heat gun on wood, be sure to start with the lowest temperature setting and work your way up. Hold the heat gun a few inches away from the surface to avoid burning or damaging the wood.

Embossing gun or heat gun: which is better?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific project you are working on. Embossing guns are specifically designed for embossing, so they may be the better choice if that is your primary goal. Heat guns, on the other hand, can be used for a variety of tasks, including embossing. Therefore, a heat gun may be better if you want a versatile tool.
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