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Best Paint Brushes for Trim Reviews

paint brush for trim

The trims around the doors and windows, as well as baseboards, require repainting from time to time to preserve their fresh look.

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Best Paint Brush for Cutting In

Best paint brush for cutting in

The majority of painting jobs cannot be completed without special brushes for cutting in. You will need one for painting the corners and edges whenever you have to paint a wall, door, ceiling, etc.

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Best Brushes for Chalk Paint Review

brushes for chalk paint

Chalk paint is an amazing invention of the Annie Sloan brand. This paint creates an appealing matte look with natural brush strokes on upcycled furniture, glass, metal, laminate, and even concrete.

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Ways To Store Paint Brush Between Coats

how to store paint brush between coats

Ensuring a quality paint job requires more than a steady hand and an eye for detail – the tools you use can make or break the finished product. One key aspect often overlooked by both novice and experienced painters alike is how to store a paint brush between coats properly.

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What Is a Chip Brush Used For

what is a chip brush?

Often overlooked yet remarkably versatile, chip brushes carry a unique charm in their simplicity. So, what is a chip brush? This typically disposable tool, known for its wooden handle and natural or synthetic bristles, is far more than a mere accessory for painters.

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How to Clean a Dry Paint Brush and Restore Its Performance

how to clean a dry paint brush

Cleaning paint brushes is an important task that every artist, DIY enthusiast, or homeowner should be familiar with. Whether you have just finished a creative masterpiece or completed a home improvement project, knowing how to properly clean a dry paint brush is important for maintaining its longevity and ensuring optimal performance.

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Painting Trim With Roller vs Brush

Painting trim with roller vs brush

What is better to use depends on what type of paint you use and how much work you want. There are pros and cons to both methods.

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How To Paint Baseboards Without Brush Marks?

Paint baseboards without brush marks

Painting baseboards is a task that must be done whenever you repair your house or have new wallpaper hung. Traditional painting methods require using a brush that leaves an undesirable line – brush marks.

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