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How to Paint Trim?

It is one of the most common questions, but it’s a pretty big subject. Trim is the finishing detail of a house that you often see in many different colors and textures. It can include baseboards, door and window casings, molding along the roofline, brick molding at the top of exterior walls, or masonry structures such as chimneys or fireplaces. Trim has several purposes: to highlight the door and window openings, add character, and protect the walls from wear and tear.

While painting trim is usually one of the most accessible works on a house, it can provide some challenges.

There are many different ways to paint trim depending on what you’re doing, whether you want to repaint or refresh your existing piece or if it’s new trims that you’re painting.

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How to prepare the surface for painting?

Here are some valuable guidelines to help you get the job done right.

Before painting any exterior surfaces, be sure to clean them thoroughly. Bleach, degreaser, soap, water, or a power washer are all great options depending on what is needed. Taking the extra time to clean it will pay off in the long run because you’ll get a high-quality repair later.

Remove old and peeling paint with a wire brush or chemical stripper. Immediately sand down any rough spots. Fill cracks, large pores, and other imperfections with a latex caulk that’s tinted to match the trim color. Prime all bare wood surfaces you’re about to paint using an oil-based primer. Make sure you let the primer dry before applying your topcoat of paint, as some primers have been known to stay sticky longer than others.

Then it is essential to choose an excellent trim paint and other needed tools. Next, it is essential to buy the correct type of paint. For example, consider using a paint designed to do this type of job to cover dark trim with light paint. The next point is to purchase enough paint. Your best bet is to purchase enough paint for two coats, no matter which type of paint you choose.
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What tools do I need to paint house trim?

Paint supplies you will need to paint the house are a paint brush for trim, rollers, pan, tray, and drop cloths. You can paint trim with regular house paint and a brush or roller.

If you decide to paint on your own, remember that it is essential to purchasing the correct paintbrush for the job. A good quality paintbrush is an essential part of painting house trim. The good idea is to buy one with bristles made out of soft plastic rather than natural hair, which can leave bristles in the wall that are hard to remove. As for size, builders will often use a brush with a smaller bristle because then it is better and easier to paint small lines around molding and corners. A large roller can also be used to cover larger areas quickly.

Rags or paper towels are used to wipe off excess paint from your brush or roller before you roll paint onto the wall.

How to paint house trim?

Start by painting the top portion of the trim. Brush it on in long, even strokes. Wait for this first coat to dry completely before firing up the paintbrush again.

The finishing touch for great-looking painted house trim is a coat of sealer. It will protect it from moisture and UV damage. Make sure you purchase a sealer that’s specially formulated for exterior trim.

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