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What is a Brushless Lawn Mower

Lawnmowers are undoubtedly one of the main tools at home. We use them to keep our lawns in perfect condition. There are two types of lawnmowers, which are conventionally divided by the type of motors: brushless and brush motors. If you compare these two types of technology, then you can determine some features.

Brush motors

It is a motor in which the rotor and the magnetic field rotate at the same speed – synchronously. Even if the rotor receives a heavy load during operation, its speed does not decrease. The engine continues to run at a stable speed.
Brush motors have a rather compact size but a more complex structure, which consists of a large number of elements, many of which have a short service life. One of the vulnerabilities is the brush system. The graphite wears out quickly and creates dust, which in turn gets into the brush holder, which can provoke a lack of engine start.
Cooling of such an engine occurs by circulating air through the engine, which provokes its contamination and accelerates its wear, as well as wear of other moving elements such as bearings, etc.

Brushless motor

It is a motor in which the rotor speed does not match the speed of the magnetic field. The stator and rotor are separated by an air gap, there are no slip rings.
An asynchronous motor is the simplest and cheapest of all previously invented. It does not require complex maintenance, does not get very hot, and it does not have rubbing contacts. It is much easier to service the engine, it has a longer motor life than a brush engine, it is easy to disassemble, which confirms its practicality, but the price of such equipment is higher.
Currently, asynchronous motors are used more and more in lawnmowers. In this case, the knife is placed directly on the motor shaft. The result is a simple and rather reliable design.

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