The most difficult aspect of caring for leather is removing its natural oils. Proper care of leather requires an understanding: what products are needed and how they should be handled.

The first step is to decide whether the job demands gentle or heavy-duty tools. If you want to remove minor dirt and light stains, you can use a duster or dry cloth; if you need to clean up more serious messes, you’ll need stronger agents like saddle soap or lemon pledge. You should put the products needed for this job in a container. Then you can use them more easily.

Why does leather lose its matte

Leather loses its matte if:

  • It is exposed to water
  • Sunlight and heat could dry out the oil that keeps the leather from getting too stiff or brittle
  • The natural oils can run off into your hands when you wear gloves, so it’s possible to transfer them onto furniture without paying attention
  • Dirt and grime can build up on a surface of leather furniture if you don’t clean it.

How to get rid of the shine on leather with cleaning wipes

Clean Leather
People use shine-removing cleaning wipes on leather for years. By using a wet wipe you can make your leather look new again.

In order to get rid of the shine on leather, you need a few things:

  • A rag
  • Leather cleaning wipes
  • Wet wipes

Start off by using a dry wipe and wiping off your leather. Make sure you’re not just spreading around the oil, but actually removing it. Use a wet wipe to try and remove the oil from your leather. You will do this over and over, with a damp rag, until the oil is gone.

The best way to determine if it’s okay to use a wet wipe on leather is to check the label and make sure it says it’s safe for that material.

How to take the shine off leather with rubbing alcohol

Clean Alcohol
Rubbing alcohol is better than water because it evaporates quickly. This means that there is no residue left behind. Rubbing alcohol, on the other hand, should not be left on leather clothing or shoes for an extended period of time since this will eventually dry out the material.

The rubbing alcohol method is a popular way to clean leather. Rubbing alcohol method cleaning instructions:

  1. Moisten a cloth or paper towel with denatured alcohol
  2. Use it to wipe down all surfaces of your leather
  3. Wipe off any residue left over

Get rid of the shine on leather by washing it with soap

To clean your leather product, wash it with soap and water. All of the soap should be removed. To avoid mildew formation, air-dry your item after washing it.

If you have more than one leather item to clean, use a cushion sponge to wipe them dry after they have been washed.