A vinyl wrap will take about three days to dry after being applied. It can be installed on a car in about an hour if the vinyl is not heated, but it is recommended that you wait at least eight hours before installing it on a heated surface.

How to speed up drying vinyl?

By using a hairdryer, you can speed up the drying process of a vinyl wrap. You should be cautious when utilizing a hairdryer to ensure that the wrap is not damaged. When you use a hairdryer, the vinyl will be hot and malleable. The hotter the vinyl, the better it adheres to your vehicle’s surface and stays in place. You may also install and remove your vinyl using a heat gun.

An electric heating device, often called a heat gun, blows heated air through a flexible hose. You should only use the heat gun for a short time at a time. The more you utilize it, the greater your risk of harming your vinyl wrap becomes.

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Is it harmful to speed up the drying process of vinyl?

The answer to this question is quite complicated, but the most up-to-date information at hand seems to be that it is not harmful.

A lot of people are afraid of how hot air will affect their vinyl wrap with aluminum foil or heat gun after they have installed it. You might also worry that the heat could potentially affect the car with damaging paint or window seals if you apply the product too soon -although some people will say it does not cause any harm. The more likely complaint about using a hairdryer on your installation would be during application while heating up the vinyl for installation so it will properly adhere, if you press too hard on an area and melt some of your films, then there is something to consider here.

You can use a heat gun for up to 30 seconds on your vinyl wrap. You should be sure to pull the wrap as you reheat it so that it is not damaged.

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The more people discuss using hairdryers, the more likely it appears to me that they are safe. It appears that people think because the foil will serve as a barrier, there is no risk of damaging your paint as a result of the aluminum foil surface of the vinyl. This is basically just my personal experience, and it’s based on what I’ve seen. And, if someone claims to be an expert on something they do professionally, I feel like they should know what they’re talking about.

On the other hand, there are reports of individuals melting vinyl with hairdryers and heat guns. Some claim that they overheated the vinyl, while others say that folding aluminum foil over destroys its heat resistance. Some say this is due to overheating of the vinyl, and some say that the heat-resistant properties of aluminum foil are lost when folded.

We cannot judge what is right anyway; therefore, you need to use whichever is most comfortable for you, but after looking at the pros and cons, it can be said that using a hairdryer as aid is good.